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On this website you will find anything you might want to know about me, what I do, what I enjoy, and well, anything about my life. If you have any questions or just want to give a shout out, I have many different ways to contact me. Just click the Link-in-bio button below to be taken to my Link-in-bio page which has just about every possibly method of contacting me. Thanks for visiting!



Hey there! 👋🏻 I'm Paul.

Digital Designer and Technophile

Hey. My name is Paul and I am a hobbyist digital designer and a technophile. I love just about everything technological. Devices, gadgets, you name it, most likely I am interested. Well, except anything made by Apple anyways.

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Two things I love and cannot do without

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        *(besides my wonderful children of course)*

The first is reading

The Unseen Companions

Books are companions who never tire of my company. They wait patiently on shelves, ready to share laughter, tears, and epiphanies. Their wisdom seeps into my bones, shaping my worldview. Through them, I’ve glimpsed distant galaxies, tasted forbidden fruit, and whispered secrets to the moon.

The Healing Balm

When anxiety gnaws at my edges, I turn to books. Their whispered promises—of hope, resilience, and redemption—soothe my restless mind. The act of reading is a meditation, a balm for the soul. It reminds me that stories endure, even when life feels ephemeral.





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